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Work In Progress Coffee provides premium 12 oz bags of roasted coffee that are all sourced from micro farms and roasted in small batches.  Our digital properties provide a transparent look into our business, from sourcing process to growth progress. We build community through telling our story in a creative, authentic and objective driven manner.  


Pairing our data services with a premium ethically sourced coffee will provide unique opportunities to grow as a coffee roaster in Chicago. Work In Progress Coffee encourages our community to explore their definition of an exciting life, lean into life’s lessons and love the process.

About Us

Our concept is sparked from mentorship, which quickly turned into conversations about creating value and business. We wanted to develop an optimistic brand identity that helps communicate the bigger idea behind Work in Progress. 

The name takes its spirit from “enjoy the process” or in our case, we’re always working to improve.

Our company, our coffee, and our customers are all on a journey of improvement.

We are all a "Work in Progress"

We remind you to embrace the journey of growth, as it is what defines defines our flavors, characteristics and profile. 

This evolution is as crucial for our premium coffee as it is for us as people.

The work is in progress.

Our Story

Kevin and Larry attended the same university, are a part of the same fraternity chapter, working in data analytics on the west side of Chicago and have the same birthday. This discovery sparked a mentorship relationship that quickly turned into conversations about creating value.

During the period of exploring ideas, Larry moved out to Medellin, Colombia for a few months. The trip revealed the beauty of coffee, and how important it was to the economy, the culture and the identity of Colombia. He learned that coffee trees endure seasons of trauma, with intense rain and then sunlight. Those experiences create the profile, the characteristics, the flavor, the personality.

It's a relatable story that reminds us to love the "work in progress," because these are the moments that define your future.

The conversations began to center around the value we could bring to connecting the story of coffee. We believe our role is more than just supplying amazing coffee roasts. As coffee roasters we sit in the middle of the coffee chain, working hard to supply great coffee and build community. We value our partnerships with our suppliers and with our customers. As data nerds roasting coffee, we use our site to sell amazing coffee roasts and to create a hyper transparent experience for all who interact with We have built live data tools to share our goals, a peak into our finances and feedback from our customers. Please excuse any typos.
- work-in-progress  


Our Plan

Our goal is to bring a roastery to the South or West side of Chicago by the end of 2022. Every order is a vote of confidence in our ability to acheive this goal, and it fuels us to continue working.

More in the works.